Blades at Dawn

Possible Last Entry (Primordial)

There is nowhere worse to send you to than were you are efreet. I speak the language we share because it is mine just as much as yours.

Scratch what I have written above. I instead hope that you Magister Tex find this letter – that you finally studied my language – to know that the grip the efreet used to hold me in has almost slipped away.

Brace yourself – You are not my LFD brother, but my real father.

I hope this isn’t a disappointment to find out. I know your desires and I know I have never been the best LFD. If those you appointed to me – which I think you did just to get me away from the other plots you have going – live through this, perhaps we can reconsider my abilities in other missions? Perhaps we can do more than before in changing the way things are not only in the Meugges but in all the realms. I wouldn’t tell anyone else the truth about us, but it killed each and every time we stood side-by-side that I couldn’t tell you. Now that I think about it, some of the charges know, but if we are unsuccessful it doesn’t matter.

About the mission, again if you are reading this, we are closer to our goal. Miria is within reach we imagine, and my charges are all still accounted for. A rogue is here as well, pulling his own weight. He is very good at stealth, and has yet to ask for any money directly dealing with his assisting me in guarding the Blades. He strikes me as incredibly charming – then he speaks.

The twins are almost ideal. Kaella is great with a blade and makes quips like I read your friend Shera did. We had a few chances to bond and when this is all done, I might steal her away to the LFD. She is that good! Kalleron is how I expected you were before I met you: all full of knowledge and spells and standing firm on the battlefield. He is someone who will shake things up one day.

…Luc is…I understand why you never wrote about his mother. He is all emotion and it never stops pouring out. Piaxella’s familiar would distract me the same way Luc does. I want to lock him up somewhere for his own sake, but I couldn’t imagine not having him around. He spoke of his upcoming sacrifice and made sure I will guide the others home safely. After walking through a maze and door after countless door, he may have built a strange fantasy in his head were he is alone on a white stallion against countless hordes.

Okay it looks like I am going on and on about him, so I will follow your style and say no more.

We are deep in the fortress were Miria is held, and tomorrow we face whatever is the last defense the building has. Cogs, rhythmic bells and other things to remind us of time are everywhere, but I feel time running is away from us.

We rest in this magical house that gives us shelter. I leave this note, since you sent me a note in a similar fashion. Hope you get it. Hope you learned how to read it.

I love you and will finish my assignment.

Hope it was not out-of-line to use that word.

I think I am letting my guard down with these teens, and they accept me, but I just imagine all of you showing up any moment to whisk me home.

Say hi to everyone, and kick Emthri when he is better, then kiss him on the cheek.

Don’t give away my room,
Stormlit of the Meugges


You said
I love you and will finish my assignment.[/blockquote]

If you show Tex┬┤s photo to the party now, there is no way you survive next week.


Possible Last Entry (Primordial)

She sounds so dejected. I apologise for all the trouble Luc’s given her.

Possible Last Entry (Primordial)

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