Blades at Dawn

Stormlit meets Tex

A year and a half ago

Bonepowder cove is on the white rocky west coast of the Southern Meugge Island. Here, many an adventurer had come to do battle with the foul drow who had cast a shadow over the nearby fishing villages. Countless times adventurers fell, even though they had numbers, yet today there is only one person on the beach, soaked wet from having to swim from her sunken boat.

There on a jutted rock above stood the drow. Cape flowing in the breeze, no weapons drawn, hand extended in the air, in fact, looking as though he was about to entertain the genasi girl any moment.

They spoke simultaneously “You are…pardon?…”

Stormlit, skin a sea foam color, bows her head, and that act raised a slender white eyebrow over a bright crimson eye. “Dear girl, if you wish to speak first, do so, I had become unaccustomed to visitors here doing much more than casting or yelling. Don’t shy away now.” In the rocks to the right and left, snickering could be heard if the waves weren’t so loud.

She doesn’t look up, but her teeth shine with happiness like pearls in the shadow her head casts. She had found him! Her heart’s beat picks up pace “I know who you are, and forgive me for speaking out of turn for I use my new freedom from slavery to openly. You are a powerful sorcerer and a man I have sought for many years.”

“There is no threatening tone there. Have you not come for my head, my treasures, or even to make a name for yourself?”

“No sir, I have come to you because I am your long lost dau-” Heckling laughter came from the rocks and the waves seemed to have subsided enough for the laughter to clearly reach Stormlit’s ears. She broke procedure to look up to the rock again finally, but Tex was not there. He had used magic to appear behind her left shoulder.

“Forgive my brothers and sisters. Piaxella!” From the rocks came a young drow woman, confident in walk and with cloth covering the minimum amount of skin. She walked up to Stormlit and locked eyes with the genasi.

“I admire your lie, but Piaxella used the same one when I was murdering her allies on this very beach. She was very convincing, my people just have a knack for deception. You however need to practice.”

Stormlit, as she had been trained her whole life said nothing. She dropped her gaze from Piaxella to avoid confrontation, and it was enough to make Piaxella lean in to whipser “good choice” as she bumped her shoulder into Stormlit’s and move behind her, behind Tex.

“A freed slave? Do you have any skills? I sense the arcane in you, but…you are no swordmage.”

“A Bard sir, a Karmic Shaper”

“Are you going to clean my floors bard? Do not call me sir. I myself am a Magister and the brother of all those who are laughing in the rocks. Tell me why you chose to follow a path of luck?”

Stormlit fought the desire to make eye contact again “I…am disciplined in ways that bring karmic retribution urgently to those who deserve it. I allow allies to see how karma will be there for them by coaxing it to help quickly Magister.”

“Hmmmph, you find a way out of calling me sir and a way out of calling yourself a gambler. You are going to take some getting used to. Is anyone chasing you former slave?”

“No Magister”

“Do you plan to get fat an lazy after a life of slavery?”

She shook her head.

“Will you ever let your past life go?”

Her lips parted to answer but her eyes said it all. It would take time.

“I cannot welcome you as a false daughter, but you are decidedly a sister to us all.” Tex bumped the other shoulder of Stormlit in a playful manner, and beckoned her to follow him into the rocks. A few words of his ultimate goal made Stormlit stop for a moment, but Piaxella slapped her ass to move her along and then held her waist as if they were fated to become the best of friends.

Tex’s true daughter had found a home.



So does Tex know the truth? And what is his connection to Luc and the twins?

Stormlit meets Tex

He met them when the first healer of the Blades was called home to the Meugges due to being overcursed. As for the former question, to quote Mr. Wonka “I’m a trifle deaf in this ear. Speak a little louder next time.”

Stormlit meets Tex

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