Blades at Dawn


Nethri's Story

“You have failed me.”

“I am sorry. I was careless. But the others, they should be a-”

“Silence! You, who were so close, deserve not to address me now!”

The Dwarf fell to his knees, head bowed to the ground. Silence carried on for an eternity and the Dwarf began imagining his punishments for failing in his duty. Would it be banishment, torment, or exile? Worse, it could be undeath. Regardless, he was deserving of them all. The ache in his chest returned with a fury, the pain coursing through his body, boiling his blood within. But he remained steadfast and said nothing.

“Hmmm, even now you are accepting of your Fate.”

Silence. The Dwarf did not stir knowing any action taken could upset his god.

“Let us see how the others fare. You may be given an opportunity to redeem yourself and fulfill your duty.”

Silence hung again in the darkness. And it would for a stone’s eternity.



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