Dame Amirah and Dame S´Jet D´Urban

Miria´s twin daughters are beautiful and have a powerful position as heiresess and they know it.


The twin hellions are determined to break from the protective cocoon of House Urban and take Lencia by storm. Having heard about their mother exploits they want to take charge of their lives even Miria thinks they are still woefully unprepared.

Sweet sixteen almost reaching seventeen, Amirah and S´Jet from time to time dabble in the bardic craft but only when they have time away from the exciting soirees and the other pretty Highborn males.

Lately, due to a series of bad decisions the twins have found themselves on the wrong side of her mother attentions and have been grounded sine die for trying to (badly) defend their father Jaime in his latest infidelity.

Dame Amirah and Dame S´Jet D´Urban

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