Sir Jaune d´Urban

Roguish ship captain and husband of Lady Miria D´Urban. He is a handsome man always looking for a new adventure in the seas or somebody´s bed.


Sir Jaune d´Urban (nee D´Eirene) was chosen as Lady D´Urban´s husband to strengthen the informal alliance between the two Highborn families. Rather than love friendship is the word that describes the relationship between them as Jaune Highborn heritage is to strong to limit himself to just one woman, much to Miria´s chagrin.

The marriage has managed to produce two heiresses, on whom their father dotes, in the periods while Sir Jaune is between commercial expeditions, time when he usually manages to regain Miria´s good will and bed with his roguish manners until invariably his fancy catches another good looking female and Miria throws him out of the D´Urban Mansion threatening to kill him herself in a painful and slow way.


Sir Jaune d´Urban

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