Dark Clouds

"Bad things, dead things, sad things have to happen sometimes" - Emiliani Torrini

weapon (ranged)

It is confusing how a woman like Stormlit with minimal upper-body strength can wield such a cumbersome weapon with flawless ease, but she is not only carrying the weapon she is amplifying it.

A genasi has many forms, this leads to many emotional shifts. Stormlit has, like many of her kind, taken to meditation to focus on her emotion. She tries to convert her problems into solutions. She set upon the path of a Karmic Shaper and used a simple piece of bowstring as a focus for her spiritual journey.

A shift in her form has returned her to cinder, and with it a step backward, however so slightly, in her path towards perfect use of feelings. With her long held focus now strung into her crossbow, the magics of elements she possesses, the bardic arts of awakening potentials in all things and pure feelings focused so tightly they become almost visible, she has transformed her once great weapon into something resonating her passion.

The Dark Clouds weapon is dreaded indeed, weakening enemies and making them clumsy. Bad things happen when a bolt is let loose.


Dark Clouds

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