Kalleron's Spellbook

Fairly large, brown volume bound in leather with a silver sword emroidered on the front


This tome is the container for all of Kalleron’s magic spells, rituals, and formulae. he must study this every day and prepare his magic carefully so that he will be ready for any fight. This book was first presented to him as a birthday present from his mother Shira, and upon his induction into the Knights of the Spiral Tower (a feat that Shira was exceptionally proud of, considering his age), a silver sword was magically created on the cover.

In addition to his spells, he also uses his book to make notes on anything of interest, such as new forms of magic to be studied or perhaps even interesting personages that will need further scrutiny. Lately he has taken up his father’s old practice of recording his thoughts of recent events of note in his book as well.

Kalleron's Spellbook

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