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  • 25: The Meugges/ The Myinns

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/63455/Screen_Shot_2011-08-03_at_12.16.41_AM.png(Screen shot 2011 08 03 at 12.16.41 am)! *From: "The Meugges" on the Shadow Hunters site* In the Western Sea, at the North end of the sea set two islands: Northern and …

  • Crooked Claw Theater welcomes half-elf

    Westhore's own Katryol Emardin has for the past few weeks been bringing many laughs to the crowd as the character "Crumb Stealer" in the play Crooked Claw! Women are filling the seats and not only shifter women! They all say there is something fresh …

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