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  • Between a rock and a D'Urban

    People with perks, that is how you make it in any venture. I would have thought Nethri and Luc had the perk of being royalty and that was it. I was wrong. A few days after they flew with angels, I spotted the dwarf back in Lencia. The thought occurred …

  • Stormlit's cover letters for Adder

    *Adasunu I of IV: A good city* For my master, I will assemble stories of a great man so that you can learn and direct yourself either in his path or in one filled with less darkness. In Iztallii, There are four equally powerful houses of off-coloured …

  • Happy Halloween 2011

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/81342/Botdd_Halloween.jpg(Botdd halloween)! Appearing in this drawing: Luc in a donkey costume (left) Adder in a Luc costume (center) Our dwarf in a gnome costume (right?)

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