25: The Meugges/ The Myinns

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From: “The Meugges” on the Shadow Hunters site
In the Western Sea, at the North end of the sea set two islands: Northern and Southern Muegge. These Islands were named after Percival Muegge, a scholar and follower of Ioun, who befriended the natives.

The Southern Muegge is surrounded by hard to navigate rocks, but the Northern Muegge is a simple fisherman’s island.

Local Inhabitants include razoclaw fishermen and long tooth ranchers, but on the Northen Island there is Meugge City, which collects any piece of knowledge it can to build up the cities influence with the rest of the world.

The shifters on the islands differ in religion and almost any other matter.

From: “Unnoticed” on the Blades site
The names are varied, with some handwritten. LFD. Meugge City. Coral Bevy. Cafe Vast. Bonepowder Cove.

Meugge City: Mayor Jagged, his most highly decorated longtooth is the man of the people of the Meugges. His Excellency Dwallow continues to show the light of Ioun shines over all the Meugges, even the southern island. Our city is growing by leaps and bounds under such leadership!

Coral Bevy: The first step to exploring the islands of the Meugges, so named after the saint that civilized them in the name of Ioun, is to stop into the mainland city of Coral Bevy and to stock up on rations and supplies. Darest I say that you will succumb to the city’s charm and buy a house not to far from the dwarf tower? Enjoy the fine seafood and finer nightlife. Handwritten in are the words “A day here is a day wasted.”

Cafe Vast has a handwritten note “You are monitored Sackage, you overblown Eladrin!”

Bonepowder Cove has a handwritten note “Well at least it keeps Abrams busy.”

Post for travelers to Westshore from Sa Kage, Mayor of Westshore on the Northern Island
Westshore is a small beautiful community with rolling hills and modern houses. An ideal place to retire to on the North Myinn Island

People to meet,
Mayor Kage — A friendly man who celebrates his tenth year as mayor this year. Get to know him as he will tell you stories of fish he caught and the most scenic spots to teleport to.

Elavee — A kind woman of the highest standing, she works tirelessly with the shifters who once used to share this island with us. Though their numbers dwindled, she still gives them support with medicines, work and study of the fey language.

Thellego — Our dear town spiritual leader. Wisest of us all in arcane and religious matters.

Crooked Claw — During the days of lawlessness in the Westshore area, there arose stories of a shifter named Crooked Claw. Just a few paces north of Westhore is the town bearing his name that puts on a daily reenactment of this mythic outlaw. Plenty of things to do for the children. Be careful, or else Crooked Claw will be the last thing you saw!


Arcane Downs — An expansive valley that hosts great sport for our upscale members of town
Crooked Claw — A town with a daily festival and a travel system to reach larger cities due to its eastern side opening up to the vast central plains
Docks Proper — For boating, and swimming, the most gorgeous sunset you will ever see
Elavee’s Outreach clinic — For non-eladrin having difficulty making ends meet
Evermeat — Finest butcher shop in town
Fur Docks — A fishing community that sticks to old traditions of razorclaw and longtooth
Mayor Kage’s Office — A primitive eladrin building at the center of the valley, on the northside of town’s square
Myinn River — A beautiful scenic river turns majestically not a few paces from our town
Town Pillar — Located on the south end of the town square, it is the tower of Thellego the Wise.

25: The Meugges/ The Myinns

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