Duchy of Lencia

Duchy of Lencia

A country of open plains cut by sharp mountain ranges.

Ruler: Council of Lords.
Capital: Lencia (Pop: 45,000).
Population: 240,000 (Humans:43%, Dwarfs: 25%, Elves: 18%, Other: 14%).
Area: 3,850 sq miles.
Other Cities: Brass, Ucero.
Resources: Mainly grain, copper, bronze.

Lencia came to be when a small band of mercenary adventurers were tasked with conquering and unifying the West frontier in exchange of land grants for the king of Todare about 300 years ago. The adventurers set off with a Letter of Marque and minimal support from the crown, campaigned for years to defeat the monsters and nomad tribes inhabiting the region while colonists from Todare settled new conquered lands.

After the surviving adventurers finished their task they presented their accomplishments to the new king of Todare, only to see their covenant and promised rewards being turned aside by the crown.

Quickly returning to the conquered region, the adventuring band rose an army and waged a successful guerrilla war against their former liege lord and the invading royal army. After victory the city of Lencia was founded and the eight victorious adventurers set themselves as an ruling oligarchy of eight families over the new Duchy of Lencia.

Current Council Members and seats of power
High Lord of Lencia: High Lord Erar-Skel D´Aubry (Human Warlord/Battle Captain lvl. 12).
Lord of the Southern March: Lord Erar-Skel D´Aubry (Human Warlord/Battle Captain lvl. 12).
Lady of the Trade: Lady Miria D´Urban (Human Fighter/Dreadnought/Legendary Sovereign lvl 21).
Lord of the Seas: Lord Captain Tiar D´Eirene (Human Rogue/Rakish Swashbuckler lvl. 11).
Lady of the Coin: Lady Olia D´Ouros (Human Bard/Life Singer lvl. 11).
Lord of the Central March: Lord Seriser D´Inanna (Human Warlock/Battle Captain lvl. 13).
Lady of the Forge: Lady Umum D´Orinda (Dwarf Artificer/Arcane Armorer lvl. 11).
Lord of the Northern March: Lord North D´Ulrich (Human Ranger/Stormwarden lvl. 11).
Lady of the Harvest: Lady Adeta D´Auber (Elf Druid/Compassionate Healer. lvl. 13).

Duchy of Lencia

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