The Origin of Lencia

The Seal of Nero or the Highborn of Lencia.
(As told by Mustrum Rizzic, Sage of Ioun)

Adventurers are a blessing and a curse. On the one hand they are a force fighting the encroaching darkness on the other hand adventurers tend to be reckless in their approach and like playing with things better forgotten.

In the Dawn War a powerful Primordial general named Nero was defeated and his essence imprisoned by the Gods in a small box under an Iron Plate protected by a Seal of Repulsion deep under a river in what it is know as modern day Duchy of Lencia. Over the river a citadel dedicated to the Gods was built and populated with angels to better protect the box. Alas, time passed and the angels departed to other tasks called by their Godly Masters leaving the citadel and its dark secret to Fate.

About a century ago a band of adventurers looking to tame what was then a wild land for the Kingdom of Todare, managed somehow to access the lost levels of the ruins of the citadel, go through the traps and break the Seal of Repulsion, just before the adventurers removed the Iron Plate the Gods intervened and slay the party. Then the Gods faced the problem of keeping the Primordial Nero contained again. As the Seal of Repulsion had been broken a new one must be crafted but as the adventurers had shown to the Gods, just hiding it would not do so something different should be done. It was the ever scheming Asmodeus the one to propose to the other Gods the solution, rather than having the Seal and the Plate lie around under a suspicious abandoned citadel that surely would attract more adventurers the best way to deal with the whole issue would be to hide everything in plain sight. Burying the dangerous complex deeper and building a big and prosperous city on top to make it inconspicuous would be the best plan and what a better way than using the lingering souls of the late adventurers and some Blood Magic to build a new Seal of Repulsion to make the whole thing unreachable and they and their descendants the unaware guardians of the Primordial.

Some Gods balked at Asmodeus proposal but enough agreed to his crafty plan. Soon the servants of the Gods had hidden the complex again and the adventurers were resurrected with their memories of the whole fracas gone and a lingering desire of settling the area around the citadel ruins without knowing exactly why. At the end the adventurers, with the discreet help of the Gods, managed to conquer the neighboring lands and the rebelled against their former Lords in Todare and gained independence forming the Duchy of Lencia.

To better help, or perhaps influence their chosen, every God left a seed of their essence inside the living seals to transmit the seal from one generation to the other. Seeds that made those fortunate souls something more than a mere mortal, here is the list:

Aubry (human) received the gift of Dragon blood from Tiamat. Auber (elf) a seed from the Outland realm of Corellon. Elinmore(tiefling) the essence of the Nine Hells. Eirene(human) a Saugahin soul from Melora . From Sehannine, Inanna the elf received the seed of the forest and the Dryads. The unfortunate Ouros the Yuan-ti craftiness from Zehir. Ulrich the mighty  went to Bane and to His Hobgoblin exalted. The sorceress Urban (human) became mixed with Eladrin blood by the grace of Erathis.

The Origin of Lencia

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