Blades at Dawn

Between a rock and a D'Urban

Heaven don't take Highborns

People with perks, that is how you make it in any venture. I would have thought Nethri and Luc had the perk of being royalty and that was it. I was wrong.

A few days after they flew with angels, I spotted the dwarf back in Lencia. The thought occurred often to me that this town should be avoided, but to find out that lady death herself agrees with me shook me. By the stars, not being able to die is the perk to end all perks!

Still, it is creepy, maybe the whole town made a deal with some underworld creature. It would explain why the don’t let Miria rest in peace. I don’t want my people falling into the same deals this town made – reminds me of Ashenport.

Hmmm as Nethri approaches me here at the Inn, I can’t help but notice how stiff he walks. He has a stone cold look about him. I’m sure by the time we have our next adventure he will rock.

Botdd2 5monk


And rock, Nethri did; hard rock.

Between a rock and a D'Urban

With time, we will mesh and no more death and petrification. Luck will be our greatest enemy.

Between a rock and a D'Urban

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