Blades at Dawn

Random Encounters?

Nethri's Journal

Strange things are afoot in Lencia. While acquiring supplies from a less than reputable locale (known for their drink), I ran into a young Razorclaw. There was difficulty in communicating with him, since he seemed to be mute, but that wasn’t the strangest of things – he seemed to know Syral! Now, what an acquaintance of the Dame was doing there, I cannot say. But it got stranger! He didn’t communicate using parchment and ink, as most mutes I have come across would. Instead he traced three letters on his hand using green arcane magic. The froth on the ale though, was he seemed to have come into possession of the weapons Luc and I had lost in Ashenport! He insisted on seeing Syral, so I took him to her and they seemed to know each other, but I am wary of this Oaks character. Too many similarities…



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