Blades at Dawn

Unwelcomed Circumstances

Nethri's Story

The Elf boy and I returned to Lencia on the eve of the God’s Decree. O’erray’s been a good sport and all, following me dutifully through thick and thin, but as the time nears, I fear I may not be able to hold him to his blood oath. Granted, I saved the spindly thing’s arse during my journey and he insists on accompanying until the debt is repaid, but, soon, I think that will kill more lives than it saves. Not that he’s a pathetic fighter, just the opposite, but the closer the day draws near, the more certain I am of my demise. I can’t shake the feeling that it’s gonna happen, and, when it does, he’d be a fool to throw his life away trying to prevent the inevitable.

The disturbing thought is what I found. It seems the Dawn War is in store for the second coming. Well, the first continuation. Beyond my search for the demon god, Vecna, the bastard responsible for my exile, I continued to hunt down the remnants of the Dawn War. Retracing my steps, I found artifacts springing up in places already highly excavated and studied. Hell, I’d been to a few of the sites myself and never saw what I happened upon. And it ain’t for a lack of lookin’. We tore the Caves of Igreth apart searching for clues, and when I returned, after it had long been abandoned due to fruitless efforts, there I find a portion of the scale armor of the Dawn Warrior? If Dumothoin does exist, he’d have cast me from this plane for everything I said that day. Happened to be where I found O’erray too, whatever he was doing down there. Though I don’t think, by the number of Elementals about, that it was necessarily his choice. And I don’t even want to remember what the two of us ran into in the Khalastan Mountains.

Anyway, I sent that fool of an Elf into town. Rules are rules, and I’ll accept my punishment for my actions and not step foot in Lencia, but that don’t mean he can’t on my behalf. I’m having him swing by the House D’Orinda to pick up some certain items from Meiri. Hopefully the Council kept her on. It’d be a shame if such good help were dismissed on my account. I also gave him the scale mail armor I found. Luc D’Urban is rumored to have returned, as well his mother Syral. It is on them that I hope the convincing succeeds. It helps matters that I traced the shortsword of the Dawn Warrior back to the D’Urban household. How such an artifact eluded me when it was so close aggravates me like a puss to water. And I hate puss.

Just hope he gives them the letter, too. If he tries talking to those stubborn D’Urban fellers, I might as well start packing up now. And this trip will have been worthless.

That damned Elf returned, and somehow managed to bring the D’Urban with him! And he seemed to have taken a liking to the armor. Pleased my stout ol’ heart, it did. Unfortunately, he brought that prick of a warrior Adasunu too, though he claims he isn’t the Adasunu we know, he’s the real Adasunu. The one we met was apparently called Abrams. Whatever. As long as this one doesn’t lose his nerve and run from a fight, it won’t matter. ‘sides, he’ll have plenty of time to prove how comfortable he is, I’m sure.

Another funny person appeared with them, though it seemed she was as much of a surprise to me as everyone else. Name’s Kaela, some person who used to run with Luc when he was more of a boy than he is now. Funny little Gnome girl with quite a lotta sass. Different circumstances, might give me a run for me money.

Once we were all situated and settled, I explained what O’eary and I found. The Elementals were making their move against the gods again. Seems that they weren’t as defeated during the Dawn War as the histories would make us believe. Rebuilding their strength and such. The gods returned to their normalcy, though none witnessed the nether never closing. As time passed, these rifts grew larger, permitting bigger and nastier creatures from the Elemental Chaos to infiltrate own world.

Luc, some twenty years shy of reaching manhood, seemed convinced, though I ain’t so sure Dame Syral didn’t have a little prodding into it. He said he’d go, though he had some things to wrap up first, so I’m to tag along to make sure nothing goes south. The other two, well they seem along for the ride. Well, Kaela said she is searchin’ for her mage brother. Silly mages – they wander more than me, and my job is wandering right now!

Well, the last of the flames are busy destroying the gazebo. Nasty, foul creatures those three dragons were. Fire, Ice, Earth – a trio of joy. Any others and we wouldn’t have made it. And now we have a charge: a little girl came into Luc’s possession, given to him by members of one of Lencia’s houses. I believe it was D’Aubry, but I can’t be sure. I can tell you that there are dragons in the Lencian Council, but that is a matter for another day. Or never for me. Lencia, it may forever turn out to be, is a place to which I may never return.

The sand in my boots is made worse by the sun above. Now I understand why my ancestors never breached the surface – it can get hotter than a forge up here! By Moradin’s hammer, if I can find shade, I’ll bless the runes from here to the Khalastrans.

Eh, just my luck, the Elf boy says he spotted a place to hide out from the wretched heat. However, Luc and the others seem a bit ancy about it. What do these weak-hearted Humans know? I need some damned shade before my beard ignites!

Hmmm…I think I’ve been using O’erray in the wrong role. Apparently I should have had him hunt for my meals, too. The precision of his shots on these two guards is…well, impressive. My craghammer tends to break things, but I can see why the Elves keep trophies in their homes. The incision his arrows made were small enough to stitch up cleanly and struck enough vital organs to kill the men three times over! Three times! Me? If I made a trophy outta something I killed, it look like a glob of a wood owl’s shit. And I’m being positive. Well, off to the shade. Here’s to not getting killed today!



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