Ahdi Winterseve

Ahdi returns from the fey wild.


Tied to Tex, and Adasunu and a former member of the Ioun school on the Northern Meugge island. He worked closely with the sorcerer, only to lose his voice magically for apparently crossing Tex.

To gain favor and voice once more, the task of traveling back in time was given to him. He would locate and brand the mother of the sorcerer, and when time was no longer affected, the mother would be in another realm with fellow changelings. The reason the school no longer operates, was due to this quest.

His first step was to find Advan, a changeling already in the Meugges (renamed the Myinns in the time shift). Advan was running from Eladrin when found by Ahdi, and although Ahdi hid him, Advan was killed, forcing Ahdi to assume Advan’s public identity for a day.

Tex’s plan eventually worked, with the aide or perhaps in spite of the presence of two rogues and a barbarian adventuring party. Oaks, Ahdi’s name for this mission, tried to make friends with them, but association with Tex led to uneasiness.

After time went right, Oak’s school was gone. He did see Adasunu again, and traveled to Lencia. Sadly Syral had no memory of their time together, but felt a gentle soul resided in him.

When a drow was mentioned cavorting with Syral’s son, Ahdi offered to help not knowing the drow was Adasunu. When he discovered this conundrum, he left town.

He is back after finding out many truths in the Fey Wild. His hope is to return to the D’Urbans what they have given to him.


Ahdi Winterseve

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